No Reason to Fear Our Emotions

Emotion is nothing more than ‘energy traveling through the body.’ If you allow it to happen, it will pass. But that’s not how many of us see it. We run from it like we’re being chased by a tiger or bear. We busy ourselves with activity to fill up every moment of time: with everything… Read more »

The Illusion of Worry

Yes, worry is an illusion. Worrying has no function. It serves no purpose. It tricks us into believing we have more control over others and the world, than we really do. Here’s the trickery: we often think that if we worry about something ‘enough,’ we can keep it from happening. That’s the illusion of worry…. Read more »


What are you recovering from? We all know about recovery from alcoholism, from gambling addiction, from a life-long smoking habit and PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). What else do you want to recover from? It could be a specific trauma or another type of addiction like eating or use of technology. But there’s a much… Read more »

What Does Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy Feel Like?

For starters, it feels good! It’s a very comfortable, very relaxing, natural, selective state of mind – where you can listen, you can talk and you are completely in control. Yes, you are completely in control in hypnosis. You cannot be made to do anything against your will. In fact, you cannot be hypnotized without your… Read more »

Stop the Shame

Yes, it’s a choice. Negative self-thoughts are a major source of shame. At some point, you had an initial negative thought about yourself in some area of your life. Then every time you think that thought—out loud or silently—you are reinforcing it. Eventually, it becomes a belief, stored deep in your subconscious mind. So ruminating… Read more »

The Cure for Shame

“You are loved and there is nothing you can do wrong.”  Imagine what your life would be like if you believed this! These are the words of author, Eben Alexander—from his book Proof of Heaven. He is the neurosurgeon who was brain dead for 7 days with bacterial meningitis and came all the way back… Read more »

The Problem with Happiness

Why would happiness be a problem? Many people are afraid to DESIRE happiness. Why? Why would you fear being happy? Some say: If I let myself be too happy, I know something bad will come. So it’s safer to keep happiness at a minimum. Others feel it’s egotistical to want to be happy or to… Read more »

Whatever You Pay Attention To Becomes More Important

Are you willing to try this for one week? Choose what to pay attention to—to make it more important. It really is that simple: to change and your rearrange your life to fit the values you want to have or keep. Because whatever you pay attention to becomes more important. Think about what a difference… Read more »

Anxiety: It’s All About Perception

Our thoughts and beliefs always include our perceptions. Perceptions are not always accurate. In fact, often they are more often NOT accurate. Perception: the state of being or the process of becoming aware of something through the senses.  Yes, that means that our thoughts come from everything we ‘sense’ in the moment. Notice that our… Read more »

Hypnotherapy for PTSD

Have you been told you have PTSD? Do you think you have PTSD?  Do you know someone who is suffering from PTSD? Hypnotherapy can successfully treat PTSD. When practiced by a professionally trained hypnotherapist, hypnotherapy provides a series of techniques that can treat everything from anxiety, depression, self-confidence, and fears and phobias. Hypnotherapy can especially… Read more »