Who’s the Boss of You? Part 2

What or who is running your life? Is it your need for approval? Or your addiction to food or alcohol? Or is it some other Personal Lie you carry with you in your subconscious mind: such as “I’ll always be fat” or “This is just the way things are and I have to accept them?”… Read more »

Personal Lies

“If I’m honest, I’ve always felt like there’s something ‘wrong’ with me. Oh, so did you think that you were the only one who has had that thought? I hear that more often than you might think. And you probably DO think you are being ‘honest.’ But, in fact, you are most likely telling one of… Read more »

The Power of Intention to Slow Down Aging

Intention goes hand-in-hand with attention. Attention is the awareness of what is on automatic pilot and Intention is the power to change it. Those aspects of our lives that are on automatic pilot (out of our awareness) include patterns of thought, individual beliefs and societal beliefs. One stage of this earthly life cycle that is… Read more »

Your Body Remembers

Your body remembers. Even if you don’t. Emotions are felt in your body. Then your conscious brain interprets them. Emotions are just energy traveling through your body. Then it is our natural inclination to ‘find a reason’ for them. And your body remembers before you (your conscious brain) does. Your subconscious thoughts, beliefs, experiences and… Read more »

What Are Your Mirror Neurons?

You know the experience of just not feeling good around certain people? You might not know what it is: it’s just something about them that you want to get away from. Or you find yourself turning down opportunities to be with them. Meanwhile there are other people who just draw you to them. You truly… Read more »

Why Do We Care What Other People Think?

It’s a hard habit to break, isn’t it.  Well, it’s actually an advanced problem to have – a ‘first world problem,’ to use a very current expression. We can afford to have this concern when our very survival is not at stake. If we’re trying to find water, food, shelter, electricity and medical care to survive,… Read more »

Who’s the Boss of You?

Is it your job? Is it your partner? Is it a parent or two? Is it your children?  Actually, it’s your thoughts – especially the ones that repeat in your subconscious mind and become a pattern of belief. And the power of this control over your life is the greatest when you are not even aware… Read more »

Waiting to Trip and Fall

Waiting for the other shoe to drop…is the common saying. Don’t dare say you’re happy, you ‘jinx’ yourself if you do. Why do I deserve to be happy when there is so much misery and devastation around the world? Why do I get to be happy when my friend has cancer and another just lost… Read more »

Differences Between the Mind, the Brain and Reality

The brain and the mind are not the same although you will hear them used interchangeably. Your brain is physical, visible and tangible and confined to your body. The mind is part of another world—an intangible world. You don’t see it or touch it, but you know it’s there. Your mind is your consciousness….it’s your… Read more »

This is What True Joy Looks Like

The Eclipse – the Total Eclipse of the Sun. What does that have to do with Joy? If you listen to the people who experienced these two minutes or so in the totality of the Eclipse, you will get the sense of what JOY feels like. WOW, WOW, WOW….You hear all those cries of elated,… Read more »