It’s Okay to be a Little Hungry

Now there’s a new and different positive thought to put in your subconscious mind. Many people who weigh more than they want to weigh, spend more time and energy than they realize – trying to make sure they’re not hungry. That’s why you hear the suggestion that you should eat 6 little meals per day…. Read more »

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss: How Does It Work?

It’s not the one session ‘swoop in and cure it all’ that we would like. However, Hypnotherapy DOES work if you do your part, which includes figuring out how your body functions best and being willing to work on your thoughts when you are in between sessions. When you’ve struggled with weight over time, there… Read more »

The Joy of Being Fired

Yes, I was fired once. And that experience set me free. I started out feeling that it just wasn’t fair—that I was very responsible and conscientious, that this just wasn’t possible. I hadn’t done anything wrong! I did my job well; how could this happen? But that was false thinking. False thinking that I am… Read more »

Is Worrying Really Worth It?

Human beings sure do a lot of it. There’s ‘a whole lotta worrying goin on’ in our world. Does it help you in any way? Does it keep those ‘things’ from happening? Does it add to your happiness, productivity or love life? Does it add money to your bank account? Does it find you a… Read more »

Hypnosis: The Secret Weapon of Athletes & Celebrities

Famous athletes who used hypnosis to enhance their performance, to visualize their success and to calm their mind from distractions include: Tiger Woods, who at about age 13, began using hypnosis to tune out distractions and give him intense focus on the golf course. And what about the Chicago White Sox who hired a full… Read more »

What Happens in Your Body When You Have Anxiety?

Anxiety causes a fight or flight response in the body. When that happens, all of the blood rushes to the large muscles to allow you to run from danger. This is an automatic response from the days when we would need to run from bears. That can be helpful if there is real danger. Most… Read more »

No Reason to Fear Our Emotions

Emotion is nothing more than ‘energy traveling through the body.’ If you allow it to happen, it will pass. But that’s not how many of us see it. We run from it like we’re being chased by a tiger or bear. We busy ourselves with activity to fill up every moment of time: with everything… Read more »

The Illusion of Worry

Yes, worry is an illusion. Worrying has no function. It serves no purpose. It tricks us into believing we have more control over others and the world, than we really do. Here’s the trickery: we often think that if we worry about something ‘enough,’ we can keep it from happening. That’s the illusion of worry…. Read more »


What are you recovering from? We all know about recovery from alcoholism, from gambling addiction, from a life-long smoking habit and PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). What else do you want to recover from? It could be a specific trauma or another type of addiction like eating or use of technology. But there’s a much… Read more »

What Does Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy Feel Like?

For starters, it feels good! It’s a very comfortable, very relaxing, natural, selective state of mind – where you can listen, you can talk and you are completely in control. Yes, you are completely in control in hypnosis. You cannot be made to do anything against your will. In fact, you cannot be hypnotized without your… Read more »