Your Subconscious Mind Believes Whatever You Tell It!

And you might be saying:  'It can't be that simple."

Actually, IT IS THAT SIMPLE!  Really!

Your subconscious mind saves it all.....All the things you tell yourself (and have told yourself in the past), are stored in your subconscious mind and it accepts them as real… as the truth. And even more importantly, it takes on your interpretation of the facts--which may not be totally objective!   Okay. they are probably not objective.....

Think of your subconscious mind as the mind in your body.  It collects your thoughts, memories, experiences and the feelings that went with them—and saves them.  And if you don't change them, you will keep reliving your past--those past thoughts.   Your mind is like a computer and these thoughts and beliefs are the software running in the recesses of your mind where you cannot see them.

Error Messages in the Subconscious Mind

The problem is that these files can be corrupted:  they need updating.  In spite of your best efforts, you keep bumping up against error messages.  There are no automatic updates or reminders to update your thoughts to the present.

The good news is that all of that is changeable!  You can literally re-program your mind to think the way you want to think and feel.

How Beliefs are Formed

  1. The thoughts that come from your experiences and your perceptions of those
    experiences…determine what you believe.
  1. What you believe determines your feelings and behaviors.
  1. Your behavior and your thoughts (how you think, act and react) then reinforce your beliefs.

This is how you get stuck.

So every single time you repeat to yourself:  ‘I can’t do that’ or ‘I can’t fly on a plane’ or ‘I panic when I have to speak in front of a group’ or ‘I’ll always be fat’ or ‘I’ll never trust a man again’ or ‘I’m too old to go back to school’ or ‘nobody is going to give me a job doing what I want’ or ‘I’ll never have enough money.’—Every time you think these thoughts, you reinforce the belief you have and it becomes stronger and stronger.  Now you have falsely accepted it as the truth.

It’s only the truth if you believe it is the truth!  So if you tell your subconscious mind that you’ll never have enough money, it believes you.  And that belief will direct your behaviors and feelings and you will make it real.  If you believe you are a $4000/month sales person, you will subconsciously make that happen every'll always end up around that number.  If you believe you don't have the right or worth or intelligence to have a better life than your parents, then you will subconsciously make sure that doesn't happen..

If you believe the your life can be abundant or that you have unlimited potential, you will live by those thoughts and act, think and notice abundance and potential.

The Solution is NOT in the Conscious Mind

If you’re ‘stuck,’ the answer is often not working with your conscious mind:  talking, reasoning, analyzing, etc.

Working with conscious reasoning does not usually change a long-held belief.  Positive affirmations with your conscious mind don’t convince your subconscious mind to change. 

You can’t ‘reason away’ unwanted feelings and behaviors.

Telling someone who is afraid of flying on a plane—that more people die in car accidents than from plane crashes—does not take away his fear.  Trying to convince someone that she has all the skills she needs to feel confident with public speaking does not give her confidence.

So how do you change that out-of-date programming?  How do you change thoughts and feelings that are stored in your subconscious mind?

Access Your Subconscious Mind

The Problem:

A woman is in a relationship and does not trust his or her partner….although her partner has given her no reason not to trust him.  But she can’t shake the feeling.  He is very frustrated because he has done nothing to warrant her distrust.  She is frustrated because, rationally/consciously she knows that…. but still can’t change the feeling.

The Solution

Access the subconscious mind and change the feeling where it lives.  Fix that corrupted file; so you can change the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that are corrupting your thinking and causing what could be a ‘fatal error.’

You can make these changes with customized inspirational life coaching, using a combination of hypnotherapy or meditation and the new knowledge that teaches you how to do it.   We have scientific proof now that shows how the mind works and how to change your brain and body.    

With hypnotherapy, this woman…with the irrational jealousy and distrust of her mate…was able to stop worrying and go about her own life.  She got rid of the false belief.  Telling her why she shouldn’t be jealous would not have helped her.  She already knows that consciously, but her subconscious mind did not believe it.

And what’s even more fascinating?  These kinds of changes can most often be accomplished much faster and are more life changing than in traditional psychotherapy.   

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