Who’s the Boss of You?

Is it your job? Is it your partner? Is it a parent or two? Is it your children?  

Guess What?  It's You.....

It's your thoughts – especially the ones that repeat in your subconscious mind and become a pattern of belief.

And the power and control of your life is often out of your awareness. As you go about your day, thinking with your conscious mind—thinking those thoughts you are aware of, there is another different world living beneath the surface: the subconscious mind.

We all have personal lies: irrational/untrue stories and patterns of thinking that we have saved in the subconscious part of our minds. Your subconscious mind operates at about 500,000 times the speed of your conscious mind. It is constantly developing its own perceptions about everything that is happening around you.

Your subconscious mind retains both positive and negative thoughts about yourself and the world around you. The problem is the negative ones.  So that’s it – my subconscious mind is the boss of me?

Yes, so why not feed it positive thoughts?  The negative thoughts are the ones that hold you back: that keep you from transitioning to the life you want.

Where do those negative thoughts come from? What are some of those personal lies that live in your mind?

  • I am not smart enough.

If you did not do as well as you, your parents or your teachers thought you should. So your subconscious mind decides that you are not smart enough or as smart as other people. Each time you have another experience where you think (often subconsciously) that you are not smart enough, the pile of negative thoughts piles up and now you believe it.

  • I’m not smart or I’m just not as smart as other people.
  • I’ll never make it in college.
  • I expect my life to me limited because I’m not intelligent enough to do the things I’d really like to do.
  • What makes me think I could go back to school at my age when I didn’t do well in school as a kid?

Beliefs are hard to shake: no one telling you: “Of course, you’re intelligent enough to go back to school or do whatever you want”—will erase that belief, now stored in your subconscious mind. Your conscious mind rejects it with something like: “Oh, she just wants me to feel better.”

Here are some of the other common lies we are telling ourselves—and that we now believe after lots of repetition.

  • I am not lovable.
  • I do not deserve to be happy.
  • I’m not a good person.
  • There’s something wrong with me.
  • I am not good enough.

These are all personal lies!

Think about yourself as a newborn and other babies that you see around you. They are all good enough. They are all lovable. They all deserve to be happy.

So what went wrong? You have experiences—things that happened to you, things that were said to you, things that happened around you and you took in your own perceptions about what that meant. When something else was said or experienced that caused a similar perception, it went into your subconscious mind and reinforced the previous thought. The pile of false facts gets higher and the belief becomes stronger.

And now it’s very real to you. Even though much of it may have happened outside of your conscious awareness.

So think about yourself as that innocent, happy little baby who couldn’t be anything but lovable, adorable, fun, deserving to be cherished, deserving to have a full, happy life….and then figures out what your personal lies are.

Those personal lies are the boss of you! You are not in charge of your own life if you believe them.

Change Your Thoughts = Change Your Life

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