The Power of The Placebo Effect

THE PLACEBO EFFECT. What does that really mean?


It means that your BELIEF that you are healing is greater than the actual physical effect of the medication or treatment.

Some people interpret that as the person who had the 'placebo effect' imagined that the treatment worked and imagined that he is well….that it's not real…..

Does that mean that he is crazy?

Does that mean that he was fooled?

Does that mean that the result was fake? It didn't really happen?

ON THE CONTRARY, it means that the mind convinced the body that it is healing/healed and the body believed it. And that is wonderful news: that explains the intense power of our thoughts and beliefs.

Take the one example (and there are many) of   John Whitley  . In 2011, he was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer and told that he had less than one year to live. The cancer had spread and his liver already had a good-sized tumor growing.

John decided that he had nothing to lose by entering a drug trial. He didn't know if he was in the group with the new drug or the placebo. He repeated to himself over and over: "This is a miracle drug that is going to save my life." He thought it, he said it and he believed it.

Two months later, John's oncologist called him and told him that the scans showed no sign of the tumor-it had disappeared. Later, John learned that he had received the placebo! He has now remained disease-free for another 5 years.

Yes, your mind can influence your body systems, including your immune system. What you believe can directly impact how your body functions.

So, the placebo effect doesn't mean that nothing happened here. Just the opposite: It means that our minds-what we can imagine and what we believe-can have a substantial impact on the outcomes in our lives.

So when you hear someone say: 'Oh, it was just the placebo effect,' tell them what that really means….that the people who have 'had the placebo effect' successfully used their minds to heal their bodies.

Learn more about how this works from Dr. Joe Dispenza's book called   You Are the Placebo  or take   his online course  to learn how to change yourself from the inside out. 

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