Depression and Anxiety


Anxiety and depression are both fed and nourished by negative thinking.  The more you think negative thoughts or repeat worries, the more negative you feel and the more bleak the world looks to you.


You can be anxious with or without also having depression.  And you can be depressed without having anxiety.  However, it’s not uncommon to have the two together.  Feeling anxious or worried most of the time takes its toll on your mind and body and can rob the joy out of life.  It take various forms:  sweating, rapid heart beat, chest discomfort, shortness of breath, feelings of panic and a strong desire to flee.  It can show itself as obsessive, ruminating thoughts and worries and interfere with your sleep.  It can lead to other fears, like not wanting to drive on highways or leave your house.

Yes, your thoughts alone can cause anxiety.  When you repeat that negative thinking over time, it becomes a belief.  When emotions are attached to the thoughts, the beliefs just become stronger.  And the thoughts are most often based on false perceptions.

Well, if you know it’s illogical or not true, why can’t you just change your thoughts?  Why can’t you just ‘reason’ it out?

Because the thoughts are stored in your subconscious mind.  Reasoning and rational thought is the work of your conscious mind.  Both positive and negative thoughts and experiences are stored in your subconscious mind.  In the conscious state of mind, you don’t typically have access to the very powerful subconscious mind where you have the resources to change these thoughts.

The first step is to become aware of the negative thoughts, which are often running on automatic your subconscious mind where emotions, perceptions and beliefs are stored: if you are open to change, I can show you how to change those thoughts.  Unlike a lot of therapies that concentrate on insight about your past,  my focus is focusing on the unknown future and creating the life you want


Depression is defined as being in a state of negative thinking.  Your mind sees negative everywhere you look.  You can feel hopeless and find it difficult to see any positives in your life.  Maybe you’ve even said to yourself:  what do I have to complain about?  There are people who have it worse than me?  I have a home, a job, a spouse, good kids… why do I feel like this?  This is a classic statement of a person with depression.

So you know it’s not ‘rational’ thinking, but you can’t seem to change it.  That’s where your subconscious mind can be the source of changing the negativity that is feeding on itself.  By gaining access to your subconscious mind, you can get to the resources you already have to change your thinking and your perceptions to be the positive ones you want to have.


Yes, sometimes medication is an option for you.  For some people, medication gives them the foundation they need to make good use of transformational coaching or hypnotherapy.  Often, people can make changes in therapy and not need the medication in the future.


“Thank you for giving my daughter her happiness back.  Just when I was beginning to think that depression might be her new normal, we found you.  The recovery she experienced (from the sexual assault) with hypnosis was nothing short of miraculous!  It brought tears to my eyes the day she thanked me for finding you.”  - Margaret H., Langhorne, PA.

"Thank you so much for the recorded hypnosis audio.  I listened to it every day, and everything went well with my surgery on Friday.  I was anxious, but it was much better than what I built it up to be.  And, I was very proud of myself when it was over!  You were a tremendous help!"  - M.C,  Newtown, PA

I started seeing Gloria for trouble I was having with obsessive, ruminating thought patterns, and I would worry constantly, to the point of it literally taking over my mind almost 24/7. I have always had this irrational belief that if I think and worry about something hard enough and long enough, I can somehow gain control over it. Obviously that's not true but my mind needed help breaking the habit. Gloria helped me tremendously with what I would consider a mentally debilitating negative habit. I'm proud to say I no longer have the habit and my life – personally and with my family – is much better and I am more at peace. Hypnosis changed my life! – H.H., Yardley, PA

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