Medical Support

Medical Support Hypnotherapy is in addition to whatever treatments you are receiving from your healthcare providers.  Through sessions customized to your needs and condition,

I will teach you how to use your own subconscious mind to live a healthier, more peaceful life.  With hypnotherapy, you can….

Reduce or Eliminate Pain

Hypnosis can help you to reduce or eliminate pain, avoid complications from medical procedures and to respond better to medical treatments.

Pain is triggered at the site of the injury or damage.  But pain is actually felt in the brain.

So that means that pain can be modified in the brain.

With the help of Hypnotherapy, the pain signals can be present but you can learn how to keep them out of your awareness. Examples for chronic pain:

In a controlled study in 1991 by Haanen et al., patients with fibromyalgia were put into 2 different treatment groups:  one group received 8 1-hr sessions of hypnosis, supplemented by a self-hypnosis audio recording over a 3 month period; the second group received 12-24 hours of physical therapy–which included muscle relaxation training and massage over the same 3 month period.  Follow-up was done at 6 months with both groups.  The researchers found larger improvements in the patients who received hypnosis than in the patients who received physical therapy.  The results included improvements in muscle pain, fatigue, sleep disturbance and overall assessment of outcome and distress scores

In 2000, investigators Simon and Lewis showed that 28 patients with TMJ showed improved pain control at 6 months after 6 sessions of hypnotherapy-induced analgesia.  Their TMJ pain had not responded to other treatments previously given.

Heal Faster after Surgery or Injury

The American Psychological Association has recognized that  “patients who received hypnosis reported less post-surgical pain, nausea, fatigue and discomfort.”

In a study with 22 patients with spinal cord injury, investigators Barber, Williams-Avery, Flores, and Brown (2001)  found that 86% of their patient reported a decrease in pain following hypnotic induction and analgesic suggestions relating to their previous pain levels.

Support for Cancer Diagnosis

Hypnotherapy has been shown to help people suffering with cancer and other serious illnesses .  It can help deal with the anxiety, stress and/or pain associated with the disease, including dealing with necessary treatments, such as chemotherapy.

Hypnotherapy has been shown to successfully help people dealing with many cancers.


Other Medical Support

With the aid of medical support hypnotherapy, you can also:

  • Respond more positively and fully to medical treatments;
  • Avoid complications from medical procedures;
  • Regain health;
  • Prevent illness;
  • Eliminate unhealthy attitudes that prevent or delay healing; and
  • Build up a stronger immune system by decreasing stress.

So how does your subconscious mind affect physical healing ? Your subconscious has recorded your perceptions of everything that happened in the past.  This programming influences your perception of the present.  Your thoughts from past experiences–and the emotions that went with them– greatly influence how you think and feel in the present.    Here’s an example of how your thinking can affect the outcome of a medical procedure or illness.

Let’s say that you have known 2 or 3 people who were diagnosed with cancer and subsequently died from the disease.  You receive a diagnosis of cancer from your doctor.  You already have the subconscious thought–based on your previous experience:  ‘If you get cancer, you die from it.’

Then a physician proposes a treatment and tells you that it works in some patients to stop the spread of their cancer.  Which patient will you be?  The one where it works?  Or the one where it doesn’t work?  Based on your subconscious thoughts/experience (that we mentioned above) you are more likely to believe that the treatment will probably not work for you.  That belief will have a significant impact on the result of that treatment.

This is just one of the ways your thoughts influence your disease process and your healing:

Your thoughts activate different parts of your nervous system.  If you’re agitated, fearful or anxious, you thoughts trigger the ‘fight or flight’ response–the sympathetic nervous system.  This is an innate response from the days when we had to be fearful of–and run from–wild animals and such.

Activating this part of the nervous system causes blood flow to rush to the large muscles in your body.  In this ‘fight or flight’ mode, your other organ systems shut down and don’t work correctly.  This includes your digestive system, your immune system and your reproductive systems, for example.

Hypnosis helps you move out of ‘fight or flight’ into the calming, return-to-normal, healthy functioning part of the nervous system–the parasympathetic nervous system, allowing all of your major systems to function normally….including your immune system.  And hypnotherapy targeted to your specific needs can help you get rid of the negative thoughts about your illness and replace them with the relaxed, positive thoughts that can allow your body to have its best healing response.


"I had suffered from retarded ejaculation for almost eight years despite having gone to three urologists as well as another sex therapist.  There seemed to be little understanding of how to deal with my issue as the only male sexual problem that the medical profession seemed prepared to deal with was impotence, which was never a problem for me.  I found Gloria through an on-line search and felt that the hypnosis treatment that she offered was worth a shot, given that no one else seemed to have a solution.  On my second visit, she gave me my first hypnosis session, which was followed up by an MP3 file for me to use at home.  Within a few months of hypnosis sessions both at home and meeting with Gloria, and with the full support of my new found partner, my issue was cured!  During the years that I suffered from retarded ejaculation, I lived in fear that my issue would be an impediment to a successful, long lasting relationship and am so very grateful that Gloria was able to help!"  Jerry L, Princeton

"After numerous visits to physicians and specialists I was told there was nothing that could be done to help my tinnitus condition.  I spoke with Gloria Waite and she developed a program using her hypnosis skills that quieted the sound and brought my tinnitus to a level I could easily manage.  I would highly recommend anyone with this condition to contact Gloria Waite."  PF  from Newtown, Bucks County, PA

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