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You Are Not the Victim of Your Genetics

Genes do not Control The Cells in Your Body:  You Do!

We are not just victims of our genes and our old false beliefs.  Instead, the new understanding of how our biology works–frees us to have more control over our health – both physical and mental.

Yes, this challenges the conventional belief that our lives are basically controlled by our genetic make-up.  It goes against the basis of scientific beliefs about how our biology works–for the last 65 years+.

Remember when people thought you would fall off the face of the earth if you kept walking toward the horizon? 

We think that’s silly now, don’t we?   They had no concept of gravity, had not discovered it yet and did not understand how it was possible that people and things could be held to a circle by some force outside themselves.

This is the same principle.  We can’t believe what we’ve never imagined.  It doesn’t mean that what we have learned about genes is not meaningful; it means that genes are only a part of the story.

Your cells are controlled by many forces outside of themselves—both visible and invisible. 

This is the revolutionary science of Epigenetics:  the science of how everything in your environment can turn your genes on or off.  That ‘everything’ includes all of the forces that affect your cells—from your diet to your thoughts and beliefs—–to the energies you send out and attract to you,  And the good news is that you have choices in all of those things.

So having the BRCA (breast cancer) gene does not have to determine whether or not you get breast cancer.  Only 50% of the people with that gene will get breast cancer.  However, if you believe you will get breast cancer and you act accordingly, then you are much more likely to get breast cancer.

The bigger problem now….with breast cancer…is that the belief that you are destined to get breast cancer if you carry the BRCA gene is now a SOCIETAL BELIEF.  A big part of society has ‘bought into’ this belief.   And if people believe it, it can activate that gene.

So what does this mean for you?

  1. That you can control what happens in your body with your mind.

Your thoughts and beliefs can activate or de-activate your genes or physical reactions in your body…because your thoughts and beliefs affect every cell in your body.

This is how people can heal themselves faster after surgery.  This is how long-term, lasting weight loss happens.  This is how tinnitus (ringing in the ears) can be stopped.  This is how bodily symptoms of anxiety can cease.  This is how you can be freed from bodily reactions to previous trauma.

  1. That you can control your mind with your thoughts and beliefs.

If you believe you are a failure, then you will probably continue to be a failure.  If you believe you are a success, that’s what you will create.  If you have a fear of flying, every time you repeat to yourself or someone else that you are afraid of flying, you reinforce that fear.  If you believe you don’t deserve to be loved, then you will make choices that fit with that belief.

  1. You can change your thoughts and beliefs if you choose to do so!
    Believe it: 
    I see it every day in my hypnotherapy practice.

So, how do you do it? 

How do you create those changes that seem impossible to your right now?

By accessing the subconscious mind where thoughts and beliefs are stored.  We can do that with the process of hypnotherapy.  Keeping your goal as the target for change, we give you the relaxed experience of hypnosis—where your focus turns inward and your subconscious mind can take in the new thoughts.  We can teach you how to get rid of the false negatives, while putting in the new thoughts and beliefs you want to have.

Your mind is very much like a computer. 

How Your Brain WorksYou have programmed it already with perceptions and experiences and the resulting thoughts and beliefs.  Some of those perceptions and thoughts are false.  Those old corrupt files can be deleted and updated via access to the subconscious mind (the behind-the-scenes programming center).

Bruce Lipton, a renowned cell biologist has been at the forefront of the new science of Epigenetics for at least 30 years now.  If you’d like to know more about this work, read his best-selling book, Biology of Belief, where he shares the new understanding about how our beliefs and thoughts communicate with the cells in our bodies.  Together with the study of Quantum Physics (the study of energy—visible and invisible), these once radical ideas are now gaining increased acceptance in the scientific world through repeatable research.

Enjoy:  this is exciting.  You can change your own life.

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