Hypnotherapy to Heal Trauma

Hypnotherapy can be used to heal you from past trauma experiences:  whether that be PTSD from fighting in a war, being raped or a bad flight experience.  It can even heal you when you don’t remember the details of the experience.

You can learn how to have more control over your body and mind, once you understand how the subconscious works and how to access it.  Once you have experienced hypnosis for a few sessions, you can continue to use these same ideas to choose what you believe, what you accept and how you think in the future.

Yes, We can use our minds to change our perception of what has happened to us….at the body’s cellular level.

In recent studies (March, 2016), researchers have shown that the experience/memory of a trauma can be passed on to subsequent generations.  This is part of the discoveries that are coming out of the science of  Epigenetics.:  how our environment can actually
regulate our genes:  turn them on or off.  That can also help to explain how you can have a bodily fear reaction to something you personally have never experienced.

Your environment includes what you put into our bodies and what you expose your body to…..but it also includes the what you expose your mind to…..the thoughts you feed yourself and the beliefs that develop from them.

Through hypnotherapy, you can change what you believe about those circumstances or memories and turn off that fear response.  You cannot usually do that by just telling yourself:  ‘Get over it–it’s done–let it go” with your conscious mind.  These fears, negative thoughts and beliefs are stored in your subconscious mind–the invisible part of your mind.  It is by accessing your subconscious mind that they can be changed or healed.

Healing from trauma with hypnotherapy is much faster than psychotherapy.  Depending on the trauma and what it means to someone, there are some people who are able to let it go after 4-6 sessions of hypnotherapy.  Yes–they ‘let it go.’  It no longer bothers them or interferes in their lives.

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