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The Secret to Attraction

Become More Attractive to Your Mate

One of the secrets of a great marriage...Is that you can become more attractive to your spouse again by learning to be a better listener. And NOT listening is perhaps the single biggest cause for falling out of love.

Yes, that's right. One of the best ways to improve your love relationship is to become a better listener. And it generally leads to more romance and affection.

Remember when you were first dating--when everything was new. You didn't know anything about this person and were so eager to find out everything you could?

Who IS this person who finds me so attractive? I want to know more about him/her. This is part of what grows the chemistry of love and attraction. It draws you in to the other person. It's fun, it feels good and we don't want that feeling to go away.

At some point (often about the 2 year mark), we unconsciously decide that we know everything there is to know about this person and we close the door to new information. Not only have we decided that our mate is a done-deal, they have also put us in the same 'finished product' box.

Yikes, you say.....did I do that? Probably--if you're like most people.

So, here you have 2 people who already know everything to know about one another--how dull is that? And if we think we already know everything there is to know about one another, we stop being good listeners.

Feelings, opinions, experiences, thoughts are changing in us every day. Why not ask yourself: who is this person I married NOW and go about discovering him/her again? If you're not good listeners for one another--not only will you be less attractive to one another and lose the wonderful chemistry of love--but you may wake up one day saying, "I don't know this person anymore and I'm not sure I want to be married to him/her."

If you want to keep the love and romance alive--if you want to fall in love again--Become a better listener.

Gloria Waite is an expert on love relationships, who gives no-nonsense love advice to men and women.  People, who know Gloria, credit her success to 30+ years of experience as psychologist and her natural gift for 'getting it' right away and coming up with practical advice and solutions.

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