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Romantic Ideas for Your Girl

How’s Your Love Life?  Wanna Spice It Up?

Be Romantic And You Can Have All the Love and Sex You Want.

Yes,  BE A ROMANTIC.....It’s never too late.

It’s not just about birthdays...

or roses and candy or what we do on the special occasions.

It’s about the everyday....letting her know how much you appreciate all that she does for you....Telling her that she’s a 10....that you know you’ve got the best woman out there.

ROMANCE is based on action...on doing.  When you plan the thoughtful or unexpected tells your lover that she’s worth the extra effort.  It’s the NON-Obligatory Romance that will really move her.

DO YOU REMEMBER THE CHASE?   how much fun it was....when you found creative ways to seduce her?

When you dreamed up creative ways to romance her....and how much fun it was to anticipate a date which just might end up in lovemaking?

Men need to chase.....and women need to be pursued.  Women need to be caught.

Did you know that foreplay for a Man is about 3 minutes.....and for a Woman.....

Well, for a’s everything that happened in the last 24 hours.

Wow....sit and ponder that thought for a few minutes....and see if some of the disconnects between you and your wife or girlfriend don’t make a little more sense.
So .... what was in that last 24 hours before love-making when you were dating?  Maybe it included a phone call where you really listened to one another, a card or a note saying how much you care...or a quiet dinner....where you really listened to one another.....

You can still make those things happen.  You can still have the...


Here are 50 different ways to Romance Your Woman.

So here we go guys:  Have fun!  Try some of these.

1.        Whisper in her ear, when she least expects it:  “I’m the luckiest guy here.”   This is most impactful, if it’s done at a party or social
             gathering.  It will mean to  your girl.....that you have looked around the room and that you prefer her above any other woman in
             the room. 

 2.       Send her a card for no reason at all....just to let her know that you’re  thinking of her....or just feel grateful to have her in your life.

3.        Tell her the 10 Reasons you would marry her again in a note that you place in  a surprise place:  her briefcase, the kitchen utensil
            drawer, taped to the mirror in     the bathroom when you leave for work.....       

4.        Buy her a book that you know she would like.  It tells her you’ve been listening  to her AND thinking of her.  If you don’t know what
            she likes to read, make it your job to find out.

5.        Start Introducing your wife as your matter how long you’ve  been married.   She will love it...she may even blush.  
            After all, what does this imply?  

   To her, it’s probably going to imply all of the following:

         -  You still desire her as much as the day she became your wife.

         -  You are as proud to have chosen her today as the day you married her.

         -  She’s much more exciting to you than the word ‘wife’ usually implies.   

           And the real impact comes when they act surprised and say, ‘how long have you been married?’   You put your arm around your    
           ‘bride.’ and you say..... “Oh....about 10 years”  By now your wife is BEAMING! 

6.        Send a Fedex package to your wife:  at work or at home...with an invitation to join you for dinner and an overnight at a hotel.  That
            alone will please her....but if you really want to woo her, add a P.S. that tells her you’ve already taken care of a babysitter, dog sitter, 
             whatever else is needed.   
             The best way is to have picked the date, the place and taken care of all of the details.  A woman loves it when a man takes this  
             much time and effort to be alone with her.  Trust me:  it’s better than roses.

             This is not the ‘obligatory romance.’ of the anniversary or the birthday.  This is to show her that you wanted to do this....not because
             it was expected, but because that she is worth pursuing!

7.         Put a sign on the front door that says, I love you, Sharon.  Actually, it’s better if you use your own wife’s name....LOL.....This is so
             she will see it when she     comes home.  Actually, it will mean to her, not only that you love her, but that  you’re proud of loving her.

8.         Read to one another.  This is a very intimate experience.  It doesn’t have to be a lengthy reading at one sitting, but it makes your
             mate feel cared for....sort of        like being tucked into bed at night.

9.         Send her birthday or anniversary cards every day of the month before the event.    

10.       Re-enact your first date.  Take separate cars (if that’s what you did), eat at the same place if still possible,  play at the same golf
              course, go to the same movie theatre, etc.   Start by asking her out for the date in the same way you did the first time.  Pretend that
              you know nothing about her and ask those beginning questions again.  You may even learn something new.   

11.        Plaster ‘I love you‘ notes all over the house....mirrors, on the TV set, in her underwear drawer, in the get the idea. 
               And if you have children, do it anyway.  They may tease you (depending on their ages), but you are showing them that you love
               their mother and this is one of the best gifts you can give them.    

12.        Buy her something from Tiffany’s.  There’s just something about that box...    

13.         Carry in her groceries for her.  As soon as she comes home from the store; tell her that you will do the carrying....that you want to
                carry them in for her.

               This tells that you appreciate her, you want to take care of her and protect her.

14.        Frame a Greeting Card that she has given you and hang it on the bedroom wall.     

15.       Read the Venus and Mars books together.  It will help you laugh at your differences and hopefully enjoy them more.     

16.       Carve a heart with your names in a tree in your yard or in a nearby park.     

17.       Set up a fun night for flirting and trying to pick her up.  You just agree to show up at the same place around the same time...
              pretending you do not know one another.   You have to figure out how to get her to go home with you.  It needs to be somewhere
              where no one knows you and preferably....somewhere new to both of you.  

18.       Find out what your wife or girlfriend finds the most romantic.  Is it an  adventure with you?  Is it the thoughtful, wrapped gift?  Or
              maybe some of both. The key is here:  by learning what she likes and what ‘touches’ her, she will  know you’ve been listening.

              The ASKING is the gift to a woman.

19.       Wrap the gift whenever possible.  Taking the time to wrap a gift or to have someone else wrap it (if that’s not your greatest talent)
              means you think she’s special and you want to surprise her with something nice.  This is highly rated (by women) over bringing the
              gift home in the bag and handing it to her. 

20.       Surprise her with a candlelight dinner that you put together.  ‘Put together‘ means that it doesn’t even matter if you cooked it
              yourself or if you bought in prepared food.  It’s the setting of the table, dimming the lights, your insisting that she sit down, relax
              and enjoy.... that has the meaning for her.

21.        Give her the gift of time.  Tell her you’ll watch the kids all day so that she can have a day to herself, to go shopping, get a massage,
               go out with girls.  She may already do some of those things, but the gift is that you offered it to her:  she didn’t have to ask.    

22.       Give her a gift certificate for a manicure and pedicure.  You’re telling her that she deserves to be pampered.    

23.       Serve her breakfast in bed on a non-obligatory day (anniversary, birthday,       Mother’s Day).

24.       Send a Thank You card to the people who introduced you or to her parents for bringing her into this life or to anyone who helped
              you two get together.    

25.       Put a sign on the T.V.:  “I’d rather spend time with my wife tonight.”  It’s tough guys, but it really works!

26.      Write a love letter to her and send it via regular remember????--the kind with the postage stamp?    

27.       Surprise her with a honeymoon suite for your anniversary.

28.       Start the habit of telling her every night before you go to thing you have appreciated about her that day.    

29.       Suggest a romantic chick flick date.    

30.       Send her a multiple choice survey to find out her preferences:  for a date, romantic, sexual, etc.  Give her Choices of A,B,C,D.

31.       Text or e-mail in the middle of the day--saying “Meet me at 6PM @ (name of place) and show up with one rose.

32.        Ring the door bell at home and wait for her to come to the door when you bring her flowers. 

33.       Start foreplay 24 hours before the “event,” with flirting, notes, little gestures, etc.  Yes, the sex will be better if you do this!    

34.      Propose Marriage to Her Again.....when she least expects it.    

35.       Send her a note asking her for a date, telling her that you miss time alone with her.  Maybe slip it into her pocket when you’re both
              busy around the house.

36.       Remove the T.V. from the Bedroom.  Yes, I really mean it.  The bedroom should be for intimacy and sleeping.  If you want more sex,
              guys... this is really a biggie!   

37.       Suggest that You Get married again, with a new set of vows that you write in your own everyday language, where you re-commit
              to one another in the areas      of your life that are important to you.    

38.       Don’t forget to tell her she when she looks good:  I know you think it at times, but you need to say it out loud.

39.       Know your woman’s sizes:  ask for them and write them down.  It makes it easier to surprise her with a gift.  And it will impress her
              that you took the time to do it.    

40.       If you want a sexy wife, don’t buy her a vacuum cleaner as a matter what she says.  Buy the vacuum cleaner for the house,
              hot for her.

41.       Buy a box of Valentine cards (the elementary school kind),  write little love notes on them and put them all over the house, in her
              pocketbook, in the bathroom drawer, on the night stand, etc.   

42.       Always give a gift:  no cash or checks.  The gift means she is worth the time and thought. 

43.       Tell her to be safe, when she’s off driving by herself. 

44.       Send her an Annual Anniversary Love letter every year on your anniversary, talking about all that the two of you have
              experienced over the year and what it means to you.  

45.       Plan a picnic.  If the weather turns bad, figure out how to have it anyway.  Besides food, you could bring something to read to her.

46.    Slow dance at a restaurant or bar, when the music isn’t playing or has stopped.  This will actually remind others to be romantic. 

47.        Find out what she likes in lingerie.  She’ll avoid wearing if she doesn’t like it.  

48.      Gaze.....really gaze....into her eyes once in a while.  

49.       Throw out the old underwear:  anything with holes or stains.  Get some sexy underwear that she will notice.   

50.       Make her a CD with songs that describe your feelings for her. 

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