All Services including Hypnotherapy and Transformational Coaching are offered Online 
Now being offered anywhere in Princeton, NJ, Bucks County, PA and
Anywhere in Eastern Time Zone of USA

  • "I want to extend my thanks to you for the excellent contribution you have recently made toward the education of our Mental Health Technology students I’ve heard so many fine comments from the students about your course They were clearly cognizant and appreciative of the zeal, expertise, and commitment which you brought to the classroom."
    H.R, Hahnemann University
  • "Gloria….It’s important to tell people how much they are appreciated and valued. You have been a constant in our lives for the past year and a positive force in an otherwise extremely turbulent time. Thank you for being our counselor through our ups and downs. You have been someone who we can count on to be fair and honest ….."
    Ann from Yardley
  • "I didn’t have a specific issue when I began seeing Gloria; just a feeling of being “flat” and a deep frustration with my current situation and my inability to move forward. I was wary of seeing a psychologist, but I wasn’t sure where to turn. Gloria immediately put me completely at ease. She was professional and extremely knowledgeable and more importantly she took the time to get to know me and my thoughts and beliefs rather than attaching symptoms to a client and generating a diagnosis. Her ability to marry science and spirituality and share her own beliefs and experiences was incalculably valuable to me. I am now on a much brighter path and Gloria was a huge part of my transformation."
    Ken- Newtown, PA
  • "I am pleased to tell you that my wife and I are still married. She has finally turned the corner with her depression..... I am again living with the woman I married. There are times when I feel like a kid in love for the first time."
    A.M., Richboro
  • "I thought I knew what therapy was: turns out I was wrong. My wife wanted me to go for years and I resisted. Now, I'm so glad I did go. Our marriage is much better. You helped us break the cycle we were in and now, we're treating one another with respect and love."
    D.G., Warrington
  • "Most couples begin counseling because they are facing challenges with their children. They soon learn that it's not really the children who are causing the problems, it's the couple itself. "Gloria has taught us to become a team and to put our relationship first. Let's face it, when the kids are gone you want to really love the person you're left living with."
    Ed and Kat, Yardley

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